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Tips for Improving Graphic and Web Design skill

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A good design doesn’t need any introduction as it speaks for itself. Nonetheless, a good design cannot just look good; it needs to perform as well. It needs to confirm to the purpose it has been assigned. In this article Graphics and Web Design Company how to improve their with skill with The designers at Info Stans with their years of experience in Graphic and Web Design have decided to share today the gem thoughts on “What is considered as Good design”

  • An innovative approach: A good design need not always be an out-of-the-box idea but it can be a simple shuffle of the design to an existing product which will improve the overall experience of the product.
  • A good design is intuitive: One major way of identifying a good design is that it will be self explanatory. It will not stress users with the workflow and they can find their way easily around the same.
  • A good design is simple: It will be an easy and yet interesting way of doing things. A good design never complicated the flow unnecessarily.
  • It is honest: A good design never lies to its stockholders. It never makes false promises about the product and honestly communicates about the functionalities of the product.

Now, the next question that might intrigue you after reading the above points is “How one can make a good design?” Well, the collective rich experience of designers at Info Stans will put more light on how to achieve and improve your web and graphic designing skills:

  • Add web fonts to the style guide: Always cater for your website responsiveness while implementing the design frameworks. You can start with Google Fonts if you haven’t accounted for it till now.
  • Pay attention on your font size: Always keep in mind the typography for the web design. Text needs to be readable on different screens whether its a desktop or mobile screen. Hence, while designing web pages try increasing the font size and make it readable.
  • Avoid clutter: To keep the design intuitive and to make sure that users stay on webpage for longer, one should avoid visual clutter in forms of extravagant gifs, compelling CTAs etc which distract the users away from the website
  • Use of color palette: As a designer, you should try using neutral color palette that will add the touch of elegance to your website. Nature is a great motivator. Try using the hues from nature and study colors. Always make sure to use color palette that complements the logo and is consistent with all other marketing communication
  • Placements of Call-To-Action buttons: A good design will never hinder the users’ experience while he or she is browsing through the web pages. One should always put the CTAs in upper portion of the website if you want users to interact with you and subscribe to your newsletters.
  • Responsive Designs: A best design is one which is responsive in the sense that i can automatically adapt to various devices on which the website OS being browsed by the user. A responsive design always helps in retaining users for a longer time and builds the credibility in the eyes of users.

If you have any more question regarding the Graphic and Web Design of your website or if you want expert help or consultation, write to the designers of Info Stans at and we will help you with the same.

This article originally published on Info Stans Blog page.

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