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Changes in Android Mobile App Development Trends

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There is always something new in the technological field concentrating general public. Since mobile application development has gained a lot of popularity there are plenty of trends that have been changed eventually since its inception. Here is a list of some of the remarkable changing trends that can be found in the mobile app development stream Which mobile app development company should keep in mind.


Accelerated mobile pages

Google started the amp project a year ago. Also there was a big announcement made by Google then there will be a separate type of search index specifically for the mobile web. This is an evolutionary measure as a pair with a new way for development with mobile applications.


There is a new scope for the web app and SEO services for mobile websites as well. As a result, the web pages on mobile phones will be able to load much faster time would reduce the higher amount of bounce rate. It would provide good benefits for the publishers by increasing the visibility of ads to get more visitors.


Virtual reality and augmented reality

The latest type of development trend in the mobile app would be the virtual reality and augmented reality. This has been a revolutionary step in the entertainment as well as the gaming industry during the year 2016.


There were many games that were introduced with augmented reality. There are plenty of devices that have been introduced into the market offering virtual reality option as well. Do it is in stepping stages, we can expect to find a much higher level of technological improvement and applications available on smartphones.


Artificial intelligence

According to the survey on the market, there is considered to be about 300% increase in the investment rate for artificial intelligence. With the use of cognitive interfaces, advanced analytics into machine learning techs, and some of the most complex systems, artificial intelligence will be able to provide the most powerful insight to the users like never before. With the advantages from the use of artificial intelligence, there will be a great improvement in technology such as driverless vehicles, smart assistants, and many more.


Cloud oriented mobile apps

The cloud computing technology has gained a much higher level of the boom on the market. Where does most of the technical aspects have been taken care of by the cloud and it would be hitting the mobile application market.


Mobile apps will be able to fetch any type of data directly from the cloud with powerful computing does reduce the space on the Smartphone and offering much better performance with reduced use of internal memory.


Micro apps and enterprise apps

The major goal of mobile applications offering enterprise service is to help people streamline comma manage and restructure the crucial process of the business on the go, while the prime goal of microbes is to provide the targeted types of operations without taking many loads.


However, both of the means have gained lots of success in their endeavors. The expansion of these services has gained a lot of popularity and plenty of apps have been released into the market making it easier for people to organize their workload. There are apps that can help teams to collaborate on different projects according to the need to use just their mobile devices.


This article originally published on the Info Stans Blog page.

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